'At Home With The Furries' by Tom Broadbent


'At Home With The Furries' by Tom Broadbent

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"At Home With The Furries" by Tom Broadbent is an unique insight into the furry fandom and approaches the subculture with a playful tone whilst treating it with respect and humility.  

Being a furry is about more than a costume, it’s a way of life, an identity that you choose. You can be a furry without ever wanting or needing to put on a fursuit. This project represents a nice, soft, fluffy, sometime scaly or feathery route into this fascinating world.

The book consists of portraits of furries from all over Great Britain, beautifully designed, and with a simple text and introduction to all the characters featured.  

The cover is a pawprint illustration foil blocked onto flock material, the book contains 29 colour plates plus a sketchbook and essays by Laura Noble and Uncle Kage.

Limited to: 750 copies

Photographs and book concept: Tom Broadbent: www.tombroadbent.com

Essay: Laura Noble

Design: Struktur Design Ltd

Sketchbook Text: Uncle Kage

Cover illustration: Alexandra Tomlin

Book illustrations: Dane Marinkovic

Size: 8 x 11 inch (21 x 28 cm), Portrait

Length: 96 pages

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